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VMAX IP Plus™ New Local Preview Search Feature

DW® announces a new feature in the VMAX IP Plus™ NVR series. The new feature, a local preview search, will be available with the new firmware for the NVR. The feature allows for local thumbnail search for a selected channel. When used, the Thumbnail Search will display preview snapshots for each hour or minute for a selected channel.
To Use the Preview Search: 
  1. Select the channel you would like to search. 
  2. Right-click on the channel’s view and select ‘SMART SEARCH’ > PREVIEW SEARCH.
  3. In the new search window, make adjust the date and selected channel as needed and press SEARCH. 
  4. The first search result will display 24 snap shots from the camera’s view, one for each hour of the selected day. 
  5. You can ‘zoom in’ to the search by double-clicking on a single snap shot.
  6. The system will then display 60 snap shots from the camera’s view, one for each minute of the selected hour. 
Click hereto download the complete bulletin. 

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