Complete Surveillance Solutions
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Plug and Play HD IP Video Solutions:


The VMAX IP PLUS™ is an easy to use PoE NVR that allows you to go from power up to monitoring in less than three minutes! The VMAX IP PLUS™ is available in 4-*, 8-* and 16-channel models with bonus management for up to *five additional channels. They support camera resolutions up to 5 Megapixels at 30fps. Enjoy the convenience of graphical system/network monitoring and health check email notifications.

The VMAX IP Plus™ PathFinder™ app for iOS® and Android® lets you securely view your system on your smartphone by simply scanning a QR code in the settings menu.

The DW Witness™ app for iOS®  and Android® KitKat instantly turns your smartphone or tablet into a video surveillance camera. Press the button on the app and start transmitting live video to your VMAX IP Plus™. It's a "black box" for personnel on patrol. (REQUIRES CURRENT VMAX IP PLUS™ FIRMWARE.)

Camera streams are protected when a user ID and password are used with an NVR. The additional CCIP™ (Closed Circuit IP) encryption is activated when the VMAX IP Plus™ system sends a request for an encrypted stream from the camera. The camera then encrypts its RTSP stream a second time, using the encryption’s user ID and password. The result is a secured and encrypted RTSP stream that can be read only by the requesting VMAX IP Plus™ NVR.

The CCIP™ feature is available in the following MEGApix® cameras:
  • DWC-MF10M28T
  • DWC-MF10M36TIR
  • DWC-MB72i4V
  • DWC-MB82i4V
  • DWC-MD42V
  • DWC-MD42i4V
  • DWC-MV72i4V
  • DWC-MV72i28V
  • DWC-MB421TIR
  • DWC-MB421TIR650
  • DWC-MB721M4TIR
  • DWC-MB721M8TIR
  • DWC-MC421D
  • DWC-MD421D/DWC-MD421DB
  • DWC-MV421D/DWC-MV421DB
  • DWC-MF21M28T
  • Simple and Easy to Navigate VMAX GUI for the most User-Friendly Solution on the Market
  • DW Witness™ App Makes Your Smartphone or Tablet a Surveillance Camera
  • Complete Installation, Setup and Camera Configuration in under Three Minutes!
  • Control any ONVIF Camera’s Setup and Features Remotely
  • Pathfinder™ Auto Port Forwarding
  • Monitor and Record up to 16 Megapixel Cameras
  • Local Power for up to 16 IP Cameras via Resident PoE Switch
  • Central Management Software
  • Monitor and Record up to 9 5MP (2592x1920) Cameras (On Supported Models)
  • Mobile Application for iPhone, iPad, iPod, Android Smart Phones and Tablets
  • Automatic Device Discovery
  • Dual Stream Recording
  • Easy Drag and Drop Camera Management
  • Instant Backup During Playback
  • Full HD (1080p) Output for Local Live & Playback Display
  • 4 Sensor Input, 1 Alarm Relay Output
  • Complete System Analysis with Real-Time System, Network and PoE Status Monitoring
  • Email Event Notifications with Video Clip
  • Simple & Free DDNS Support for Remote Management
  • Easy Web-Based Client with Multi-User Access
  • NVR Calculation and Auto Recording Configuration
  • Auto or Manual Firmware Upgrade Available
  • Screen Saver to Protect Monitor Screen
  • Import/Export Configuration between Multiple NVRs
  • 5 Year Limited Warranty