Our new DW® Star-Light™ MPA™ megapixel analog cameras offer 800TVL 1.3 megapixel resolution. But the screen resolution limitation of analog is 960H (960??480 pixels). Never fear. That 1280??1024 goodness is still there. With our awesome Quick Zoom™ feature you can immediately view the maximum resolution without pixilating the image. So you can zoom in for all the detail in analog — it isn?۪t science fiction.

Now this might really seem like magic: Star-Light™ MPA™ cameras also have Motion Zoom that ZOOMS INTO THE AREA OF MOTION AUTOMATICALLY! You gotta?۪ see it! It is sooooooo cool.

Star-Light™ MPA™ Bullet with 2.8-12mm or 5-50mm lens

Star-Light™ MPA™ Vandal Dome

Star-Light™ MPA™ Vandal Dome IR

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