Four 1080p Cameras in One!
Full Customization and Limitless Options
STAR-LIGHT Flex™ 8 Megapixel Multi-Sensor High Definition Analog Cameras use existing coaxial cables to transmit crystal-clear 1080p images with complete sensor and field of view customization. As four independent cameras in one housing, they offer limitless flexibility.

The camera reduces installation time and complexity by offering four different lens modules, each individually configurable and independent, easily positioned on a secure magnetic track and adjustable using a 3-axis gimbal.

STAR-LIGHT Flex cameras offer an easy upgrade to high definition video, using existing infrastructure for a cost-effective, high resolution surveillance solution.
  • Analog High Definition (AHD) HD over Coax Technology
  • Four Cameras in One Installation
  • 4x 2.1MP 1/3" CMOS Sensors
  • Flexible Sensor Positioning with Magnets


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