See color in near-total darkness with new MEGApix® 5MP vandal ball IP cameras.
Real-time 5MP resolution
DW’s technology delivers crystal-clear images in resolutions up to 5MP. Higher resolution delivers forensic details when zooming into the camera’s fi eld of view.
Vandal ball housing
The vandal ball cameras have a unique, dome-free design that allows for a true 90° tilting angle and 360° rotation, eliminating IR reflection.
Star-Light Plus™ color in darkness technology
Star-Light Plus™ color in near-total darkness technology provides crisp, clear images in the absence of ambient light.
Star-Light Plus™ monochrome images in near-total darkness
Star-Light Plus™ delivers color image details in near-total darkness.
Image is underexposed
Image is overexposed
WDR image is clear and balanced
True WDR
Cameras with true WDR technology have advanced sensors that can deliver clear images in a wider range of lighting.
H.265 codec support
High-Efficiency video codec standards deliver 25% to 50% better data compression while maintaining video quality.
Two times the space.
Same video quality.
H.264 H.265
Camera’s secondary stream for live monitoring: Lower resolution, reduced bandwidth use.
Camera’s main stream for recording: High-resolution, high bandwidth use.
Simultaneous dual-streams
Use the camera's dual-stream feature to manage traffic and bandwidth on your network, with high-resolution stream for recording and standard-resolution stream for live monitoring.