VMAX A1 G4 Universal HD over Coax 8-channel DVR 
  • Universal HD over Coax® DVR records HD-Analog, HD-TVI and standard coax up to 4K resolution
  • Advanced H.265, H.264 Linux® embedded DVR
  • 8-channels, 240fps real-time 30fps recording
  • Up to 4K recording resolution at 56fps (7fps per channel)
  • PathFinder™ easy remote connection
  • Remote management with C3™ CMS
  • Event camera group recording
  • Complete system analysis with real-time system and network status monitoring
  • Mobile Application for iOS® and Android® devices
  • OSD and PTZ control via coax (UTC)
  • Signal hybrid detects the camera signal automatically
  • Instant channel swap, no need to disconnect or reboot the DVR
  • Snapshot Notify™: programmable interval snapshot email notifications
  • 4K (3840 x 2160) True HD, VGA and CVBS video outputs
  • Up to 32TB internal storage
  • Transfer real-time data using Real Time Streaming Protocol (RTSP)
  • HDD calculation and auto-recording configuration
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Easy and secure remote connection with NAT Traversal (STUN/TURN) support without opening ports.
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Status Monitoring

A real-time graphical representation of all system connections. Receive connection alerts via email or text.

Group Recording

Designate a group of cameras to respond to an alert from one camera.

Channel Swap

Swap a camera’s channel assignment without changing the cable connections.


C3™ CMS takes video management to the next level. You are in complete command to control all your video surveillance systems in one intuitive interface. Easy-to-program alerts let you take action in real-time and manage the health of your devices.
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Real-Time Streaming Protocol (RTSP)

RTSP provides a live video stream for live streaming applications between DW VMAX® G4 recorders and third-party software applications. RTSP streams offer a secondary backup location for recorded video and smart home integration, an alternative for ONVIF integration and a way to broadcast a stream to live streaming services, such as CCTV live monitoring in animal sanctuaries and public cameras.


Display Modes 1, 4, 6, 9, Sequence
Display Speed Up to 30fps per channel
Local Video Output Resolution 1024x768, 1280x1024, 1280x720, 1920x1080, 2560x1440, 800x600, 3840×2160 (4K)
Local Video Outputs CVBS output, True HD, VGA
Max Supported Recording Resolution 4K (3840×2160)
Supported Signals Analog up to 960H, HD-Analog, HD-TVI
Video Compression H.264, H.265
Video Operating System Embedded Linux®
Input channels 8 Channels
Raw internal storage options 002TB  004TB  006TB  008TB  010TB  012TB  016TB  020TB  032TB  No Local Storage  
HDD healthcheck Temperature, S.M.A.R.T. with email notifications
Max HDD Bay 2 x SATA HDD
Maximum Storage 10TB (DW-VA1G4810T), 12TB (DW-VA1G4812T), 16TB (DW-VA1G4816T), 2TB (DW-VA1G482T), 4TB (DW-VA1G484T), 6TB (DW-VA1G486T), 8TB (DW-VA1G488T), 20TB (DW-VA1G4820T), 32TB (DW-VA1G4832T), No storage (DW-VA1G48)
Alarm in/out 2 alarm outputs
Audio in/out 1 output, 8 inputs
Performance features Camera Color Control, Covert Channel, Digital Zoom in live and playback, Import and export settings, Real-time temp alert
Playback Functions Calendar, Event search, Smart motion search, Thumbnail search, Timeline
Playback speed x1, x16, x2, x32, x4, x64, x8, x99
Post-recording 0~5 minutes
Pre- recording 0~5 seconds
PTZ control RS485, UTC
Recording Modes Continuous, Emergency, Motion detection, Pre- and post-alarm, Quick backup, Scheduled, Sensor
Recording Resolution and Recording Rate 1280x720 (HD): 240fps, 1920x1080 (HD): 240fps, 2560x1600 (4MP): 120fps, 2560x1944 (5MP): 96fps, 3MP (1920x1536): 144fps, 4K (3840x2160): 56fps, 720x480 (SD): 240fps, 960x480 (960H): 240fps
System Operation Graphical user interface (GUI), Joystick Controller (optional), USB mouse (included)
Backup Local backup via USB, Network backup via CMS
Ethernet Ports 1x 1G Ethernet (RJ45)
Firmware Upgrade CMS over network, FTP, USB
Protocol DHCP, RTSP, Static fixed IP, uPNP
System recovery after power failure Auto-reboot and journaling file system
Transmission speed live 1280x720 (HD): 240fps, 1920x1080 (HD): 240fps, 2560x1600 (4MP): 120fps, 2560x1944 (5MP): 96fps, 3MP (1920x1536): 144fps, 4K (3840x2160): 56fps, 960x480/576 (960H): 240fps
Network Remote Software C3 CMS, DW Mobile Plus
Power Consumption 39.6W, 48W, A UPS is recommended
Accessories Mouse
Audio codec ADPCM
Operating Temperature and Humidity 0 ~ 80% RH, 10~90% RH, 32~113 °F (0~45 °C), 41 ~ 104 °F (5~40 °C)
Rail kit DW-G419RE (optional. Sold separately)
Recorder Dimensions (H X W X D) 12.4" x 9.52" x 1.77" (315 × 242 × 45 mm), 14.96" x 10.58" x 1.77" (380 x 268.8 x 45 mm)
Serial ports RS485
USB interface Yes
Warranty 5 Year Limited Warranty
Certification CE  FCC  NDAA Compliance  TAA Compliance  
Form Factor Embedded

Part Numbers

Model #

Supported Cameras

Storage Size

DW-VA1G48 Up to 8 channels HD-Analog and HD-TVI and CVBS signalsNo local storage
DW-VA1G482T Up to 8 channels HD-Analog and HD-TVI and CVBS analog signals2TB
Up to 8 channels HD-Analog and HD-TVI and CVBS analog signals
Up to 8 channels HD-Analog and HD-TVI and CVBS analog signals
Up to 8 channels HD-Analog and HD-TVI and CVBS analog signals
DW-VA1G4810T Up to 8 channels HD-Analog and HD-TVI and CVBS analog signals
DW-VA1G4812T Up to 8 channels HD-Analog and HD-TVI and CVBS analog signals12TB
DW-VA1G4816T Up to 8 channels HD-Analog and HD-TVI and CVBS analog signals16TB
DW-VA1G4820T Up to 8 channels HD-Analog and HD-TVI and CVBS analog signals 20TB
DW-VA1G4832T Up to 8 channels HD-Analog and HD-TVI and CVBS analog signals 32TB


19in rack mount ears
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HD Video Balun Converter
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System Control Keyboard
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HD video balun converter
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Title Type
DW-VA1G48 A&E Specifications
docx Download
DW-VA1G48 datasheet - French
pdf Download
DW-VA1G48 datasheet - Spanish
pdf Download
DW-VA1G4 quick setup guide
pdf Download
DW-VA1G4 user manual
pdf Download
DW-VA1G48 CAD drawing
dwg Download
DW-VA1G48 datasheet
pdf Download
VMAX A1 G4 brochure
pdf Download


Title Type Release Notes Version Update Date Compatibility Size
DW-VA1G48 firmware v1.0.11.0 bin v1.0.11.0 01/12/2024 41.99 MB Download
C3 CMS v1.1.4.85 update 2 for Windows zip v1.1.4.85 update 2 05/03/2023 210.90 MB Download
DW-VA1G48 firmware v1.0.9.0 bin - v1.0.9.0 03/03/2023 40.67 MB Download
C3 CMS v1.1.4.83 for Mac zip v1.1.4.83 09/09/2022 68.17 MB Download

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