VMAX IP Plus 16-channel NVR 

  • Complete installation, set up and camera configuration in under three minutes!
  • CCIP™ system encryption protects your surveillance system from out of network attacks
  • Record and manage single-sensor IP cameras up to 4K (3840×2160), with 160Mbps maximum throughput
  • Local power for up to 16 IP cameras via resident PoE switch
  • DW Witness™ turns a smartphone or tablet into an additional surveillance camera
  • PathFinder™ Peer-to-Peer (P2P) remote connection
  • HTTPS encryption supported
  • Automatic device discovery
  • Control any ONVIF camera’s set up and features remotely
  • 0TB-32TB storage options
  • Snapshot Notify™: camera notifications sent to an email or CMS
  • C3™ CMS and event server software up to 144 Channels
  • Event notifications via email, text and C3™ CMS and push notifications to mobile devices
  • Mobile application for iPhone, iPad, iPod, Android smartphones and tablets and Apple TV
  • Dual-stream recording
  • Easy drag and drop camera management
  • Instant backup during playback
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CCIP™ System Encryption

The CCIP™ (Closed Circuit IP) encryption is activated when the VMAX IP G4™ system sends a request for an encrypted stream from the camera. The camera then encrypts its RTSP stream a second time using TLS, using the encryption's user ID and password. The result is a secured and encrypted RTSP stream that can be read only by the requesting recorder.
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3-minute installation

The entire system can be set up and configured in less than four minutes from power-up. Using the user-friendly startup wizard, configure the NVR’s main functions, locate and register all your cameras and set them to record in less than four minutes and with no need for a technical background!


C3™ CMS takes video management to the next level. You are in complete command to control all your video surveillance systems in one intuitive interface. Easy-to-program alerts let you take action in real-time and manage the health of your devices.
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Easy and secure remote connection with NAT Traversal (STUN/TURN) support without opening ports.
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Push notifications via DW Mobile Plus App

DW’s recorders can send an event notification to your mobile device via the DW Mobile Plus app.

Part Numbers

Model #

Supported Cameras

Storage Size

DW-VP1616PUp to 16 IP camerasNo local storage
Up to 16 IP cameras
Up to 16 IP cameras
Up to 16 IP cameras
Up to 16 IP cameras
DW-VP1612T16PUp to 16 IP cameras12TB
DW-VP1616T16PUp to 16 IP cameras16TB
DW-VP1618T16PUp to 16 IP cameras18TB
DW-VP1624T16PUp to 16 IP cameras24TB
DW-VP1632T16PUp to 16 IP cameras32TB


Remote control for VMAX recorders
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System Control Keyboard
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19in rack mount ears
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PoE switch - 4 channels
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PoE switch - 8 channels
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Title Type
3rd Gen VMAX IP Plus 16-channel 16-PoE datasheet
pdf Download
DW-VP16xT16P AE specifications
doc Download
DW-VP16xT16P CAD drawings
dwg Download
VMAX IP Plus Quick setup guide
pdf Download
VMAX IP Plus user manual
pdf Download
VMAX IP Plus brochure
pdf Download
2nd Gen VMAX IP Plus Manual
pdf Download
2nd Gen VMAX IP Plus QSG
pdf Download


When updating the firmware of this product, it is important to know the hardware generation and how to identify the correct firmware file.
Use the table below to identify the correct firmware file for your unit.

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