Case Study - Hospitality

Theme Park Hotel and Resort
TB usable storage
Complete surveillance solution
  • Seven themed areas.
  • 50 attractions.
  • Over 150 acres.
  • Enterprise-level VMS to handle high camera count.
  • Server management and protection.
  • Extensive storage needs for multiple locations across the resort.
  • Ease of use for their security team.
  • Blackjack® E-Rack™ 2U server with 30TB usable storage (8 x DW-BJER2U40T).
  • Blackjack® E-Rack™ 2U server with 50TB usable storage (2 x DW-BJER2U60T).
  • Blackjack® NAS™ 3U storage with 140TB usable storage (8 x DW-BJ16NAS160TR).
  • Blackjack® NAS™ 2U storage with 70TB usable storage (3 x DW-BJ8NAS80TR).
  • Blackjack® NAS™ 2U storage with 30TB usable storage (1 x DW-BJ8NAS40TR).
  • MEGApix® 4MP vandal dome IP cameras (250 x DWC-MVT4WIA).
  • MEGApix® Pano™ 5MP fisheye IP cameras (16 x DWC-PVF5M1TIR).
  • MEGApix® PTZ™ 2.1MP/1080p pan, tilt, zoom IP cameras with 30x optical zoom (12 x DWC-PTZ30X).
  • MEGApix® Flex™ user-configurable multi-sensor IP cameras with 4.0mm fixed lenses (11 x DWC-PVX16W4).
  • Blackjack® C2P™ workstation and Keri integration license (1 x DW-BJC2P, DW-CVNBASE101 license for Keri Integration).
  • DW Spectrum IPVMS®.