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DW®'s powerful Complete IP Solutions refer to MEGApix IP megapixel cameras recorded on versatile Blackjack NVRs powered by DW Spectrum IPVMS. DW®'s Complete IP Solutions can be tailored to the unique needs of any project and application. Our open platform components create surveillance systems that are enterprise scalable, feature-rich and user-friendly. DW® Complete IP Solutions help integrators increase profitability while making installation easier.

The Most Simple and Powerful IP Video Management Software in the market is yours for FREE. DW Spectrum IPVMS software supports most of the leading cameras in the market with a vast line of features and capabilities. Unlike other VMS software, DW Spectrum IPVMS is light, simple and extremely easy to use.

DW Spectrum IPVMS Mobile App

The DW Spectrum IPVMS mobile viewer for Android and iOS smartphones and tablets is a free app that allows users to connect, view and search their DW Spectrum IPVMS system from anywhere in the world at any time.

Forensic Spyglass (Region of Interest)

The Forensic Spyglass Feature lets you turn one camera into many. Zoom into any area within a camera’s field of view and watch the selected region as a separate display, allowing you to monitor smaller regions of interest separately from the overall camera's image.

Log Report & Search

Any operational issues that may arise in your surveillance setup can be traced through the advanced log system provided by DW Spectrum IPVMS, which comes fully equipped with detailed filtering methods to help you pin down on a specific problem and exporting options for your personal records.

Rules & Actions Customization

Automating maintenance tasks with the Rules & Actions features in DW Spectrum IPVMS is convenient and easy-to-use. Quickly set up alerts and notifications for network and storage failure, motion detection or sensor activation on a camera. Choose to receive popup notifications, voice alerts, or an e-mail with the event link.

Simplified Server & Camera Configuration

The DW Spectrum IPVMS software is a consolidated advanced IP Video Management Software. Multiple servers and a variety of cameras from different manufacturers can all be configured, set to record, upgraded or search data from the same single software screen.

Fully Customizable Camera Views & Searches

The DW Spectrum IPVMS software allows you to fully customize your monitoring view, show or hide thumbnails for a quick at-a-glance search, as well as show motion regions and seamlessly transition from live to playback all in the same screen and with a single click of a button.

Panoramic Camera Single Licensing & De-warping

DW Spectrum IPVMS offers seamless simplicity with single licensing for all cameras, including multi-sensor IP cameras at no extra charge. In addition, DW Spectrum IPVMS is built to be fully compatible with the market’s leading hemispheric cameras, and is able to translate the camera’s feed into various viewing methods.

Server, Network & Camera Health Monitoring

Access vital information about the server’s HDD, CPU and RAM health through informative, easy-to-understand graphical format. In addition, explore auto detection network errors and camera connectivity issues with DW Spectrum IPVMS’s issue check feature.

Advanced PTZ Control

DW Spectrum IPVMS provides unprecedented freedom in PTZ cameras control. The intuitive radial controller can be used to alter the camera’s direction in all 3 axes, simply draw a box within any region to immediately zoom and focus the camera’s view into it or click to track motion.

Additional Features of DW Spectrum IPVMS include:

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Blackjack NVRs powered by DW Spectrum IPVMS are powerful and user friendly video management solutions, highly optimized to provide unlimited scalability, unmatched bandwidth savings and simplified system set up and management. The architecture is cross-platform supporting both Windows and Linux.

Fully Scalable Solutions

The Blackjack Series offers complete IP recording solutions to match any application and project size. Blackjack Cube-LX, Cube and E-Rack recorders offer enterprise stability for systems from 1 to 128 2.1 megapixel cameras.

Cross-Platform Solutions

The Blackjack servers support seamless, cross-platform connection capabilities. There are no compatibility issues between Windows® and Linux® servers, and all three models can be accessed via Windows and Mac® clients, as well as iOS and Android mobile devices.

Powerful Servers Powered by DW Spectrum IPVMS

All Blackjack servers are powered by the popular, user-friendly DW Spectrum IPVMS. Combining the software with a robust and powerful server allows you to maximize your experience and to get the maximum out of your security investment.


Blackjack servers offer the additional layer of security and reliability of RAID 5 Data Redundancy. E-Rack advanced servers come preset with RAID5 storage settings, providing the customer with the peace of mind of keeping the recorded data safe.

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DW®’s MEGApix IP cameras remove the complexity of network powered devices, providing unbeatable crystal-clear megapixel resolution image quality and advanced features. The cameras transmit data and receive power over the same network cable, eliminating the need to run separate cables for power and control. MEGApix cameras are easy to use with features like UPnP and an intuitive Web-based UI. MEGApix is also a powerful, state-of-the-art technology that makes it possible for our customers to view live and playback video from their cameras anywhere in the world. The camera family includes single-sensor, single-sensor PTZ single-sensor edge and multi-sensor panoramic-view models.

Single- and multi-sensor MEGApix® cameras feature state-of-the-art user-friendly technology providing unbeatable crystal-clear megapixel video in resolutions of up to 48 Megapixels and real-time 30fps. DW®'s IP cameras include Power over Ethernet (PoE), Plug and Play convenience and an intuitive web-based UI. DW® cameras remove the complexity of network powered
devices while delivering superior image quality.

ONVIF (Open Network Video Interface Forum)

A universal protocol that allows IP cameras to communicate with other manufacturers’ servers. DW®’s entire MEGApix camera line is conformant with the latest ONVIF protocol for increased flexibility and reduced total cost.

Crystal Clear 2.1, 4 and 5 Megapixel Resolutions

Our MEGApix camera line offers different resolution cameras to match any and all applications. With real-time 30fps recording in up to 5 megapixels, the cameras’ live and recorded high definition is a superb choice. For applications that require the ability to zoom into images and maintain the high resolution, the 4 and 5 megapixel models are the absolute cutting edge in IP camera technology.

Simultaneous Dual Stream

All of DW®’s MEGApix cameras have true simultaneous dual stream capability. This allows the cameras to stream two different video streams, at different quality and resolutions, at the same time, delivering maximum efficiency when paired with DW Spectrum IPVMS.

Remote Auto-Focus & Optical Zoom

The cameras provide crisp and clear images at all times with our unique Auto-Focus feature. Models with varifocal lenses allow for powerful optical zoom.

WDR (Wide Dynamic Range)

Enables the cameras to capture clear images in the same frame, even when there are both very bright and very dark areas.

Two-Way Audio

The 2.1MP cameras are equipped with a two-way audio support, while the 5MP models also offer the convenience and reliability of a powerful microphone built-into the camera’s board.

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MEGApix® CaaS™ Edge Cameras with DW Spectrum IPVMS function both as a camera and recorder, eliminating the need for a dedicated server. A 64GB SD card is included to start recording immediately. The cameras deliver crystal-clear 2.1 Megapixel 1080p resolution images at real-time 30fps. 1. Mount. 2. Add power. 3. They record.

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DW® MEGApix® PANO™ 180° View Cameras are the first multi-sensor cameras in the industry to deliver full frame HD video streams at up to real-time 30fps. They are available in resolutions of 1080p and the World's First 48 Megapixel Camera (4x12MP sensors). Operating as several cameras in a single housing, HD multi-sensor cameras allow you to see more with a single installation, reducing all related costs, such as cabling and labor.

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VMAX IP Plus™ NVRs are easy to use and hassle-free network recording systems. With support for all ONVIF® devices, the familiar VMAX user interface and automated camera detection, configuration and status monitoring, the VMAX IP Plus allows you to go from power up to recording in less than three minutes! VMAX IP Plus NVRs future proof your system with capacity to add cameras: 4-Channel (4 PoE Channels and 5 Bonus Channels), 8-Channels (8 PoE Channels and 4 Bonus Channels) and 16-Channel PoE models all with support for up to 5MP cameras and up to 12TB internal storage capacity.

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