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16-Channel Universal HD Analog to IP Signal Encoder
Model: DW-CPUHD16
The Compressor™ Analog to IP Signal Encoder converts 16 HD-Analog, HD-TVI, HD-CVI or 960H cameras into IP streams at real-time 30fps 1080p and up to 3MP resolution and is fully integrated with DW Spectrum® IPVMS. The Compressor™ is an affordable solution for systems with both analog and IP cameras.
  • DW-CPUHD16


Universal HD Coax® and 960H Signal Encoding
The Universal HD Compressor® is the simplest way to merge an existing analog solution with an IP DW Spectrum® IPVMS system. With support for all 960H and below resolution Analog Cameras and Universal HD Coax Formats (1080p Resolution via Coax), the encoder can be integrated into an existing analog application and add on the benefits of all the powerful analytical monitoring power of the DW Spectrum® IPVMS software. This allows for optimal financial flexibility and ROI, with individual components of an entire solution updated separately.
  • The most cost-effective path to IP
  • The easiest transition from analog to IP
  • Universal HD encoder supports all HD analog formats and all analog to 960H
  • Connect your analog cameras to DW Spectrum® IPVMS
  • Convert up to 16 analog cameras to an IP video signal
  • Real-time 480fps at HD-Analog, HD-TVI, HD-CVI and 960H resolution output
  • Real-time 480fps at 1080p resolution output
  • up to 240fps at 3MP resolution output
  • Dual codec with simultaneous streaming
  • Record and playback with DW Spectrum® IPVMS. (Requires licenses per channel to record)
    • DW Spectrum® IPVMS licenses*: DW-SPCP16LSC016 (16 channel), DW-SPCPLSC04LSC004 (4 channel). Licenses sold separately
  • Motion detection
  • 1x RS-485 Interface for PTZ control
  • Search and playback from DW Spectrum® IPVMS
  • Frame rate and bandwidth control
  • 1 alarm input, 1 alarm output
  • Event notifications via e-mail with image
  • Rack mountable


Video input
Signal type
Universal HD over Coax® technology with HD-Analog, HD-TVI, HD-CVI and all analog to 960H signal support
16 CH, CVBS, 1.0Vp-p with 75 ?BNC connector
Video output
True HD output max 4K (3840 x2160), VGA or Spot out at D1 resolution
Video encoding
H.264 with dual streaming
1st stream: 1920x1080 / Max 3MP
2nd stream: 480x240 / Max 640x480
Framerate & resolution
Max. 480fps @ 1080p Max. 240fps @ 3MP (HD-TVI 3MP@15fps)


Interface (DW Spectrum® IPVMS integration coming soon)
Alarm input
4 alarm inputs
Alarm output
1 alarm output
RS-485 / UTC
1 PTZ support: Pelco-D/P
PTZ control via Coax (HD-Analog / HD-TVI / HD-CVI
Motion detection
via DW Spectrum® IPVMS
Alarm management
Alarm input (DW Spectrum® IPVMS integration coming soon), video loss
Trigger alarm output, e-mail notifications (DW Spectrum® IPVMS integration coming soon)
Password protected user levels


Network connection
Ethernet (1x Gigabit 10/100/1000 Gbps)
Transmission speed live
Max. 480fps @ 1080p
Max. 240fps @ 3MP(HD-TVI 3MP@15fps)
Max 130Mbps
Web viewer
Internet Explorer® 9 or higher with live view and remote setup
DW Spectrum® IPVMS


Operating temperature
41°F ~ 104°F (5°C ~ 40°C)
Operating humidity
Less than 80% (non-condensing)
Other certifications
Power requirement
12V DC
Power consumption
60W, 5A
11.02 x 9.65 x 1.89 inch (280 x 245 x 48mm)
5.56lbs (2.52 KG)
Warranty 2 years warranty

Model Number


DW Spectrum® Analog Encoder IPVMS Licenses
DW-SPCP04LSC004Four (4) DW Spectrum® Analog Encoder IPVMS Licenses
Sixteen (16) DW Spectrum® Analog Encoder IPVMS Licenses
NOTE: Custom-ordered licenses are available by request.
NOTE: Lifetime upgrades are included with no annual renewal fees.
DW Spectrum IPVMS
Universal HD over Coax® 4-Channel Digital Video Recorder
Universal HD over Coax® 8-Channel Digital Video Recorder
Rack mount ears 19"
HD video balun converter
Title Type Size Download
DW-CPUHD16 AE specifications doc 0.08 MB
DW-CPUHD16 Data Sheet pdf 0.57 MB
DW-CPUHD16 Quick Start Guide pdf 0.40 MB
DW-CPUHD16 User Manual pdf 3.41 MB
DW-CPUHD16 CAD Drawing dwg 0.64 MB
Title Type Version Compatibility Size Download
DW-CPUHD16 Firmware v12. zip v12. DW-CPUHD16 34.11 MB
PIVOT CMS v1.1.1.1 zip v1.1.1.1 17.20 MB
DW IP Finder v4.4.1 exe 22.95 MB
Frequently asked questions
Q. Difficulty installing a DW-CPUHD16

If Spectrum cannot add the Compressor via Auto-Discovery or Manually using port 8080, then try the following steps in the order presented:

  1. ·         Verify that the Spectrum Server is in Spectrum 3.0 or higher.
  2. ·         Can you ping the compressor from the Server?
  3. ·         Can you access the compressor from the Servers browser?
  4. ·         Check Compressor’s firmware is on the latest firmware.
  5. ·         Power cycle the unit.
  6. ·         Factory Default unit.
  7. ·         Re-install the firmware.
If the compressor is still not adding on to Spectrum properly, please contact our Technical Support.

Q. Security Hardening Tips
  1. Limit amount of users that can have access to the dvr. Only have installer or owner/manager have full administrator rights to make any necessary changes.
  2. Change default HTTP and TCP ports; ports can be changed to any number as long as its not already in use by another device or service
  3. Change the password on the DVR system. If possible use a minimum of 8 alphanumeric characters.
  4. Make sure the system is behind a router or firewall.
  5. Ensure the firmware on the system is up to date. Firmware is important to fix any security or vulnerability issues that were not available when system was sent to distributor and to ensure that the system works as intended with no problems.

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